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Residential Drywall & Plaster – Akron, Ohio

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Creating Your Perfect Space

We specialize in turning unfinished basements and remodeled homes into the perfect space. Our plaster and drywall services are comprehensive. We provide wall demolition, drywall hanging and finishing, plaster work, and custom trim beads. We have stipple brushes and other tools to provide a variety of textured or flat finishes.

In addition to traditional wall hanging, we have been hired for a variety of home remodeling needs. These include removal of wall/ceiling textures with refinishing to smooth or a new texture, removal of wainscoting, plaster crack repair, sloped ceiling repair, and finishing of walls after wallpaper removal.

Our experts are trained in a variety of drywall and plaster techniques. We pride ourselves on providing a high quality service at a reasonable rate.

Wall & Ceiling Repair

Textured Finishes

Drywall Finishing

We are available for home renovation projects to piece all of your walls back together. Our installers have an eye for detail and will create a wall that is smooth, flawless, and ready for paint. We use Trim-Tex corner beads to create elegant transitions between walls.

Our team has been finishing drywall for decades. We know the tricks to make sure it is done correctly. We love to hang new drywall in finished basements, man-caves, and other entertainment spaces. Our artful approach to drywall can give you many options to customize your project. We prefer renovation projects and are not available for new construction wall hanging.

Plaster Repair

Plastering is an art that requires skill and experience. Our lead plaster installer has been in the business for over 40 years. You can be sure that your project will be completed with care and expertise. We have an eye for detail. Your new patch or wall will blend seamlessly with original surfaces.

Our plaster repair services are often needed during a home renovation after electrical or plumbing work is completed. We can repair cracked plaster and lathe, plus fill large holes in walls or ceilings. Our goal is to restore walls to their original glory. Walls can also be smoothed after removal of wallpaper, wainscoting, or paneling.

Texture removal is a common request of clients. We can knock down existing ceiling texture for a more subtle look, or completely scrape the surface for a smooth finish. This surface dramatically updates a room and is a great way to renovate a space.

Custom Wall Options

Technology has made the field of drywall and plaster refinishing very exciting. There are new products on the market that are more durable than the trim beads and wall boards of the past. We specialize in using these features to create a modern wall finish for your home.

Clients now have the option of plaster-in LED wall/ceiling light strips to create a truly unique home or office. This technique is a whole new approach to room lighting, allowing for bold artistic statements or highly efficient task lighting.

Drywall Art is a modern way of creating textured graphics on a wall. These products allow you to install a logo, design, or other 3D object using drywall.

Our knowledge of these areas help ensure your project will be done with the latest technology and techniques. We continue to educate our staff by regularly attending professional seminars.

Custom Projects

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